The Colorado Holiday Season is one of the best times of the year! It is a time filled with fun, family and friends but also potential hazards. After you find the perfect Christmas sweater for your holiday party, read this blog for holiday safety tips:

Christmas Trees

  • Keep your tree fresh with plenty of water. Your tree is drying out when the needles turn brown or start falling off of the tree. Here is a great link with an Christmas tree cocktail to keep the tree fresh:
  • Turn your Christmas tree lights off when you leave or go to sleep
  • Make sure your tree stand is sturdy and stable. If the tree falls over, it is a huge fire hazard
  • Be careful not to overload your electrical outlets
  • If you prefer an artificial tree, make sure it is labeled as ‘fire resistant’

If you are traveling for the holidays

  • Don’t post on social media when you will be gone. Unfortunately, burglars use social media to identify homes that are unoccupied
  • Put your lights on an automatic timer so that it appears that someone is active in the home
  • Keep your blinds shut and lock your doors
  • Don’t turn your heat below 60 degrees. It is usually cold in Denver during the holidays and you don’t want to return home to burst pipes

Christmas lights

  • Choose a sturdy and appropriate ladder when hanging Christmas lights
  • Keep your Christmas lights on a timer
  • Try not to connect more than 3 strings of incandescent lights. It might blow a fuse or start a fire
  • Check your Christmas lights for exposed wires before hanging

General Tips

  • Take a taxi service from your holiday parties. Always drink responsibly
  • Contact us if you have any questions regarding your home or car insurance policy. We are happy to discuss your insurance even if it is with another insurance compan