It could! If you have Safeco Insurance, you have the option to add coverage for your dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, air conditioner (AC), washer, dryer and more! Introducing equipment breakdown insurance.

For an average of $2 per month, you can add Equipment Breakdown insurance coverage to your home insurance and cover your appliance for sudden and accidental stoppage from a broken part.

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Safeco Insurance Now Offers Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage:  Optional coverage that provides coverage for accidental direct physical loss to covered property caused by equipment breakdown (limit and deductible apply). The wear and tear exclusion in the policy applies to this coverage. Covered losses must be direct, accidental and sudden, such as a broken part or electrical arcing. Routine performance failure due to age is not covered. For additional details contact us.

For just $2 a month, Equipment Breakdown Insurance Coverage is a cost-effective way to keep critical household equipment up and running after a mechanical or electrical breakdown—which are often not covered under a standard Homeowners policy. Some of the coverage highlights include:

Broad Coverage – Home mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment is covered including appliances, heating and cooling systems, televisions and computer equipment.*

High Limit and Low Deductible – Coverage up to $50,000 and a deductible of just $500.

Energy Star – After a loss, provides a greener replacement by covering the additional cost to replace non-Energy Star® equipment with Energy Star® rated equipment (up to 125% of value to repair or replace).

Expedited Repair or Replacement – Accelerates recovery by paying the extra costs to expedite repair or replacement (up to $3,000 per occurrence).

No Adverse Premium Impact – Any claims made under this coverage option will have no impact on future premiums.

Note:  The policy wear and tear exclusion applies to this coverage.*

Please refer to your policy for additional details on equipment breakdown insurance. \Every claim is evaluated on an individual basis.