A new roof will usually qualify for a discount on your home insurance. Luckily, many Colorado homes have a newer roof because of the hail storms in recent years. Most roofs, installed after 2000, have a composite asphalt shingle. But there is a type of shingle that the insurance company prefers.

It’s actually very easy, even for the untrained eye, to tell if you have a roof that will qualify for a better insurance rate. The architectural shingles are preferred because they are thicker and, generally, last longer. Architectural shingles will have a layered or textured appearance. Meanwhile, the traditional asphalt 3 tab shingle will have a flat appearance with distinct rows.

Take a look at the picture below and compare it to your roof. If you have architectural shingles, you might qualify for a discount. Contact us today for other ways to save money on your home insurance. Denver Insurance LLC will help you find the best insurance for your budget!