Understanding the Importance of an Independent Insurance Broker When Buying Insurance

Do you know the difference between an Independent Insurance broker like the ones at Denver Insurance and normal insurance agents?

We're glad you asked, here's everything you need to know...

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A Simple Comparison

An independent insurance broker is a licensed insurance agent who does not work for an insurance company, but rather partners with multiple insurance companies to find their clients the best deals and coverage available.  Whereas a captive insurance agent is hired by an insurance company to sell the companies' policies and represent both their clients and the insurance agency they work for. These differences can translate into the prices you pay; the policies that cover your property, and the support you receive when making a claim.

Below is a simple comparison chart that helps break this down.

Independent Denver Insurance Agents Vs. Captive Insurance Agents

Independent Denver Insurance Broker

Has Freedom to Represent You
  • Independently comparison shops between multiple insurance companies to find you the best deal
  • Is a preferred vendor and can provide you with exclusive discounts from multiple insurance companies
  • Can offer you multiple products from multiple companies to ensure you get the best policy that fits your needs
  • The Swiss Army Knife of insurance policies - more flexibility to create custom policies for unique insurance
  • Local and a part of the Colorado community
  • Available when you need them: in-person, text, phone call, or email we are ready to talk
  • Supports YOU when you need to make a claim and not the insurance company.

Captive Insurance Agents

Works for the Insurance Company
  • Can only shop the insurance policies that their insurance company offers
  • May have limited discounts and can only provide you with the pricing their insurance company offers
  • Can only shop their insurance companies' products which could expose you to coverage gaps
  • No flexibility to build unique policies. Captive agents typically rely on independent agents for this
  • Not always local
  • Contact may be limited and they may not always be as available or accessible
  • Is an employee of the insurance company you need to make a claim with

We're Dedicated to You Through-n-Through!

We work with you as not only your insurance agent but also work as your personal guide and educator to ensure you and your family and/or business is properly covered at a rate that works best for your budget. Furthermore, we represent you in an insurance claim because we aren’t dedicated to the insurance carrier. We are dedicated to YOU!

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"Jim could not have made the process any easier for me! His responses and follow-ups were very timely and thorough. Jim walked me through everything and made sure I was knowledgeable regarding my options and coverage plans."


-Megan Olin

"My son had moved to Denver two years ago. It was a whirlwind having to find him an apartment, car, furniture, etc. Then we researched insurance for both his car and apartment. We were on limited time and at the end of the day went online to locate an insurance agent. We hit the jackpot!!! Paul Schweger from Denver Insurance was a gem for all my son's needs. It was like dealing with a family member. Paul took the time to provide my son with the proper insurance. After it was purchased he continued to offer excellent customer service as well. His agency consists of a fine staff who excel with their people skills. Though we never met Paul I can truly offer my recommendation for you to reach out to him for your insurance needs. I trust that he will provide you with the same exceptional service. Please note: I asked if I may leave a review - he did not ask me to."


-Gail Petersel

"I am so thankful for the help of Tom of the Denver Insurance LLC. I am in Dallas shopping insurance for my daughter who lives in Denver. Tom is a bulldog when it comes to getting you the best rate. He gave us outstanding service and saved us $341 over the 6 months!"
–Donna Merril

"Paul is great!! Fast, helpful, knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend Denver Insurance!"


–Amy Merriam

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