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Types of Coverage for Colorado Business Insurance:

General Liability Insurance is commonly referred to as 'slip and fall' insurance. This coverage could apply to guests that are injured at your business if you are negligent. Business property insurance can also be added onto this policy. 

Worker's Compensation Insurance provides employers and employees with medical care, death benefits, and lost wages for work-related injuries. In general, Colorado law requires that all employers carry workers' compensation insurance. However, certain exceptions to this requirement may include: a sole proprietor or any general working partner; a corporate officer; or a member of a limited liability company. 

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance, also referred to as Professional Liability Coverage and takes on many different names and forms that hinge on specific industries. These types of business insurance companies can protect you from legal actions that involve less specific claims of harm, such as: negligence, fair dealing, misrepresentation, good faith, inaccurate advice, and violation of good faith, among others.

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