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Are you looking for coverage on your motorcycle? How much is Motorcycle Insurance? At Denver Insurance LLC, an insurance agent can help you with a free quote.

Denver Insurance LLC offers excellent rates through Safeco, Travelers, Progressive and other insurance carriers. Whether you have a Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda or custom built motorcycle, we can insure it! You can even insure it on a stand-alone policy, which means that you don’t have to have other insurance policies with us. This can be a benefit if this is your only vehicle or your current insurance company doesn’t offer coverage for your bike.

 Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images

Our insurance agency offers customized packages for your motorcycle insurance including: roadside assistance, coverage for personal property, custom equipment and accessories, diminishing deductible and total loss replacement.

You could qualify for discounts for anti-theft, motorcycle endorsement, years of experience, multi-policy, claim free, ticket free, garaging, motorcycle safety course and good driver. You will also have access to 24/7 claims service.

Feel free to contact us or 720-446-5566 to find the best motorcycle insurance coverage for your 2 wheeled cruiser. It doesn’t matter if you live in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado. We can help!

Every summer afternoon can be cringe worthy when the clouds roll in over the Denver Metro area. Colorado experienced the second most hail claims on homeowner’s insurance last year. This is a great article from our friends at the Denver Post about how to avoid roofing scams.

Here are some highlights from the How to Avoid Roofing Scams article:

  • Work with your Denver insurance agent to see what you have for options.
  • Use a local and reputable roofing contractor.
  • Ask for the roofing contractor’s license number. Check the license number with the city and county and with the Colorado Roofing Association.
  • Get at least 2 estimates from contractors. Denver Insurance LLC is happy to provide you with a list of roofing contractors that we’ve had good experience with in the past.
  • Install Class 4 hail resistant shingles, if possible. This could give you a discount on your house insurance. Contact your insurance agent for specific information.
  • Check #NoRoofScams and Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Whether you live in Denver, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Arvada, Aurora, Lakewood or Castle Rock you probably know about Colorado’s hail.

Call Denver Insurance at 720-446-5566 or email us with any questions about How to Avoid Roofing Scams.

HELPFUL 5TH WHEEL INSURANCE STRATEGY: Do you need to insure your RV, camper, travel trailer or 5th wheel for the summer? It’s a common practice for people who live in Colorado to add their camper/5th wheel insurance insurance, and then remove their 5th wheel insurance to lower their insurance coverage during the winter months of the year. Our Denver Insurance Agents can help you with this process. Here’s how we can help you with a quick 5th wheel insurance quote and policy before you hit the road this summer.

 ROAM FREE COLORADO! We Insure your Adventure. ROAM FREE COLORADO! We Insure your Adventure.

Part of living in Colorado is being able to roam around and explore the expansive outdoor playground that makes up our Rocky Mountains. We are the local Colorado insurance company here to help you do that safely and with peace of mind. Denver Insurance LLC has excellent rates through Safeco, Travelers, Progressive and other insurance companies. We can insure your recreational vehicle as a stand-alone policy, which means that you don’t have to move all of your other insurance. This can be a benefit if you are in a time crunch or your current insurance company doesn’t offer coverage for your trailer hitch toys.

“Insure your Adventure with Denver Insurance!”

Our RV and 5th wheel insurance company offers customized packages for your motorhome including: roadside assistance, coverage for personal property, custom equipment, diminishing deductible, vacation liability and pet injury coverage. You can insure your motorhome for full total loss replacement, stated value, agreed value or market value.

You could also qualify for discounts for anti-theft, driver’s education, experience, multi-policy, claim free and good driver. You will also have access to 24/7 claims service.

This is all so you can explore Colorado freely without having to worry about loss if something were to happen. We are the independent and flexible insurance broker built for your Colorado lifestyle so you can explore our wonderful state.

When Colorado’s old man winter comes around we can help you plan for the snowy season as your priorities shift to ski season! Yeah we are ready for whatever Colorado has to offer.

Feel free to contact us or 720-446-5566 to find the best insurance coverage for your home on wheels. It doesn’t matter if you live in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado.

We can help you explore the great outdoors that Colorado has to offer! Get a free RV or 5th Wheel Insurance Quote by simply filling out the quick quote form below.

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We don’t get the opportunity to grill everyday in Colorado. I came across this article with grilling advice and realized that I know nothing about meat on the grill. I particularly need to avoid so much direct heat and fiddling with the lid. It’s just so cool to see how the meat looks in the flames but apparently that’s a no-no.

 Take a look at this article orrrr you could just be like this clever person.  Take a look at this article orrrr you could just be like this clever person.

The best insurance advice when you’re on the grill:

  • Don’t leave your grill unattended.
  • Make sure you have adequate space between the grill and your home.
  • Make sure you turn off the propane when you’re done.
  • Put the matches, lighter fluid and lighters out of reach of children.

Good luck, Denver! As always, please contact us at 720-446-5566 or with any insurance questions. Stay safe and keep your house claim free.

Your homeowner’s insurance will provide a limited amount of jewelry coverage (jewelry insurance) in the event of a theft. Your $6,000 engagement ring could be covered for a value as low as $1,000 on your home policy.

The amount of jewelry insurance coverage will be listed on your actual home insurance policy booklet under Personal Property > Limits of Liability. Make sure you let your insurance agent know if you have valuable rings, earrings, watches, necklaces or bracelets.

Denver Insurance LLC generally recommends insuring your jewelry on a separate policy from your homeowner’s insurance. A Personal Articles Policy will insure your valuables for everything from theft to fire with a $0 deductible.

Most theft claims involve jewelry. Theft claims can be a ‘red flag’ on your homeowner’s insurance. Reasons to insure your jewelry on a Personal Articles Policy include:

  • A lower deductible
  • Keep your claim-free discount on your homeowner’s insurance
  • Coverage for more types of incidents
  • Filing a claim on your home insurance can increase your rate or lead to cancellation

Please contact Denver Insurance LLC with any questions. We are happy to review your current policy even if you are insured elsewhere.

First and foremost, if you are a renter, you should have renters insurance. Your personal belongings could be covered for under $10 per month! Renters insurance is coverage for your personal property and liability. Your personal property can easily value over $15,000. Common claims happen from fire, theft and water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Renters Insurance 

  • Do I need to inventory my belongings? Not necessarily but it will help you identify your items if there is a fire or theft. Many insurance companies have an app or method to assist you with inventorying your items. You can also simply make a video of each room
  • What is liability coverage? Liability can cover you for negligent events. For example, if you leave a coffee pot on and it creates a fire or if a guest trips over your rug and gets hurt. Most apartment complexes require you to have liability damage in case you accidentally damage the apartment.

Make sure you’re properly covered by letting your insurance agent know if you have expensive jewelry, collectibles, firearms, bicycles, computers, etc. Ask questions upfront rather than after a claim.

If BMW makes the ultimate driving machine then we make the ultimate BMW insurance so you can have proper coverage. Denver Insurance LLC offers BMW coverage through numerous reputable auto insurance companies, but we’ll help you select the best option for your budget and your luxury car.

One of the most important things you can do is adding coverage for OEM replacement parts. Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts are desired by most BMW owners. If there is an accident and you have OEM coverage, your car will be repaired with certified BMW parts. Take pride in your car and don’t settle for aftermarket parts.

“The ultimate driving machine” has regularly scored high in safety ratings, which will help your insurance rate. You could also qualify for BMW insurance discounts by bundling with your other vehicles, home or if you drive less than 7,000 miles annually. Contact us today to get a free auto insurance quote or if you have questions.

Our insurance agents are experts in auto insurance.

A new roof will usually qualify for a discount on your home insurance. Luckily, many Colorado homes have a newer roof because of the hail storms in recent years. Most roofs, installed after 2000, have a composite asphalt shingle. But there is a type of shingle that the insurance company prefers.

It’s actually very easy, even for the untrained eye, to tell if you have a roof that will qualify for a better insurance rate. The architectural shingles are preferred because they are thicker and, generally, last longer. Architectural shingles will have a layered or textured appearance. Meanwhile, the traditional asphalt 3 tab shingle will have a flat appearance with distinct rows.

Take a look at the picture below and compare it to your roof. If you have architectural shingles, you might qualify for a discount. Contact us today for other ways to save money on your home insurance. Denver Insurance LLC will help you find the best insurance for your budget!

We admit it: As insurance professional, our picture of winter isn’t exactly cozy. Winter storms, in Colorado, mean icy roads and increased risks to your home. Cars sliding around like hockey pucks lead to dangerous accidents. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to burst, frost swells and other damage. Heating your home with fireplaces and space heaters can increase the risk of fire.

A picture-perfect winter requires a few precautions

Here are a few of tips to help reduce weather-related hassles this winter.

Winter-proof your vehicle with good snow tires or chains, new wiper blades, antifreeze, and emergency road supplies.

Keep your attic cool to help prevent ice dams. Insulate the attic floor and make sure it is well-ventilated.

When winter storms hit, be smart

If you do not have to drive, stay put. If you must drive, make sure you’ve winterized your auto and have a full tank of gas.

When the air is cold, keep bath and kitchen cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate around pipes. If pipes do freeze, let them thaw normally—they’ll be less likely to burst.

And if the power is out, make sure you avoid leaving candles or fires burning unattended. If you use a portable generator, follow the instructions and do not use it indoors.

Know what your insurance covers

We want to help you rest easy.  You will be more relaxed when you know you have prepared your property to lessen the chance of winter storm damage. Your home and car insurance policy covers repair or rebuilding costs. However, your deductible does apply. Check your policy to see what is covered and to confirm the deductible you have chosen.

If you have any questions about your coverage, call Denver Insurance LLC at 720-446-5566 and we will gladly review your options. Click below to start a free insurance quote for your home or auto insurance.