The Colorado Holiday Season is one of the best times of the year! It is a time filled with fun, family and friends but also potential hazards. After you find the perfect Christmas sweater for your holiday party, read this blog for holiday safety tips:

Christmas Trees

  • Keep your tree fresh with plenty of water. Your tree is drying out when the needles turn brown or start falling off of the tree. Here is a great link with an Christmas tree cocktail to keep the tree fresh:
  • Turn your Christmas tree lights off when you leave or go to sleep
  • Make sure your tree stand is sturdy and stable. If the tree falls over, it is a huge fire hazard
  • Be careful not to overload your electrical outlets
  • If you prefer an artificial tree, make sure it is labeled as ‘fire resistant’

If you are traveling for the holidays

  • Don’t post on social media when you will be gone. Unfortunately, burglars use social media to identify homes that are unoccupied
  • Put your lights on an automatic timer so that it appears that someone is active in the home
  • Keep your blinds shut and lock your doors
  • Don’t turn your heat below 60 degrees. It is usually cold in Denver during the holidays and you don’t want to return home to burst pipes

Christmas lights

  • Choose a sturdy and appropriate ladder when hanging Christmas lights
  • Keep your Christmas lights on a timer
  • Try not to connect more than 3 strings of incandescent lights. It might blow a fuse or start a fire
  • Check your Christmas lights for exposed wires before hanging

General Tips

  • Take a taxi service from your holiday parties. Always drink responsibly
  • Contact us if you have any questions regarding your home or car insurance policy. We are happy to discuss your insurance even if it is with another insurance compan

If you have assets or a good income, then the simple answer is, yes!


A personal liability umbrella policy (PLUP) will give you extra coverage above and beyond the coverage that you already have on your home and auto insurance. The PLUP is an inexpensive way to give you additional peace of mind and protect your assets.

The PLUP could give you an additional layer of liability coverage in the event that you are sued for: 

  • Auto accidents
  • Accidents at your home that lead to a guest’s injuries
  • Various personal activities

As an example, you are at fault for an auto accident. Your auto liability coverage is at $250,000 for injuries so your auto coverage will cover that amount. If the other person’s injuries are severe and the medical bills exceed $250,000, your liability umbrella will cover the excess, up to the PLUP’s limit. Without a PLUP, you would likely be personally responsible to pay for the additional medical bills.

Most insurance companies will also give you a discount on your home and auto insurance for having a personal liability umbrella policy. The discount will make your auto and house insurance cheaper.

Contact Denver Insurance LLC today to learn more or for a free quote!

Let’s face it, unfortunately, accidents happen. That’s why you have car insurance. Ultimately, the claim should almost always go through the at-fault party’s insurance. Using your insurance means you will have to pay your deductible, which might be reimbursed but can take some time.

  • Always collect as much information as possible (driver’s license numbers, name, phone numbers, license plate numbers, insurance information, etc.).
  • Take pictures.
  • Always make sure you are safe and move your vehicle to a safe location, if possible.
  • Use your emergency roadside service for a tow. Contact your insurance company if you need a tow. Many insurance companies will offer a tow, from the accident, even if you do not have emergency roadside service on your policy.

Each scenario can be unique but we’ll discuss the most common occurrences:

Other driver is at-fault: Even if the accident is minor and the other driver admits fault, you want to notify the police. This will help if it turns out that the other driver changes their story or if they had a lapse in coverage. Just because someone has insurance ID cards, does not mean that they are insured. It’s in your best interest to file a claim through the at-fault party’s insurance. This will save you having to pay your deductible and the at-fault party will usually cover your rental car.

Parking lot incidents: Generally, police do not respond to an incident on private property unless there are injuries. If you feel you are not at-fault, collect as much information as possible (see above) and try to get contact information from any witnesses.

Hit and run: Try to get the person’s license plate number but make sure you’re safe. If the person leaves the scene of an accident, there is generally a reason. They might not have insurance or are driving illegally. Contact the police and your insurance company.

Your car is parked and someone hits it: Unfortunately, we see this often in Denver with the popularity of street parking. It is a terrible feeling to arrive at your car and see someone has hit you and left. Check to see if the person left a note or any information. File a police report and contact your insurance company. The damage will be covered under your collision coverage, if applicable, but you will be responsible for your deductible. Even if you have an older vehicle and decline collision coverage, ask your Denver auto insurance agent about uninsured property damage. This is an inexpensive insurance coverage that can be added to your auto insurance. If you have uninsured property damage, prior to the incident, then you will be covered.

As always, this is a high overview of potential incidents. Please contact Denver Insurance LLC for specific incidents and coverage questions.

Children are expensive to insure on your auto insurance. Did you know that most insurance companies offer a discount if your child is at college and does not have access to one of your vehicles on a regular basis. Your child will still be a listed driver on your insurance policy but he/she will be changed to an infrequent operator. Your child is still covered if they return home for summer vacation or a holiday break.

Generally, there is a distance requirement for this discount – meaning that the student may have to be attending a school 50 or 100 miles away from home but it’s definitely worth asking your agent. If it’s a discount you qualify for, then you deserve it!

Insure with Denver Insurance LLC and we are happy to always review your policies for potential discounts. Make sure you are getting the best and cheapest auto insurance in Colorado. Contact us today!

There are numerous factors that go into your auto insurance rate. Maybe you just experienced an increase in your auto insurance premium or feel that you’re paying too much for car insurance. Here are 3 factors that will help you find cheap auto insurance and teach you how to save money on your auto insurance:

Maintain good credit to save on auto insurance – credit is a factor with nearly every auto insurance company because they have found that people with good credit file less claims. Therefore, people who have excellent credit scores tend to get charged lower premiums. Why? If you pay monthly, most insurance companies credit you the insurance up front for the year and then ask you to pay them back in monthly, interest-bearing installments. And, as you know, anything that bears interest is a loan. Your credit score is an indication of your overall likelihood of paying back the loan, so insurance companies take this into account when you apply for auto insutance. In short, If your credit score is good, they will consider you to be low risk, and the interest on your premiums will go down. If your score is weak, you’ll pay more. 

This brings us to the 2nd point…

Don’t let your insurance lapse – because insurance is required by the State of Colorado, you are penalized if there is a gap in coverage. The longer the gap, the greater the penalty. Make sure you maintain continuous insurance to give yourself the best insurance rate.

Bundle your insuranceOne of the ways to save on auto insurance is to bundle your insurance with other types of insurance that you may have taken out with the same will likely get a discount on your auto insurance if you combine all of your insurance policies. Even if you only have renters or life insurance, see if your insurance agent will give you a multi-line discount on your car insurance.  Insurers want to capture as much business as possible, and if they can get you to sign up for multiple products (that you actually want and need), they’re often willing to provide you with substantial discounts on individual premiums. 

Choose a car with low insurance costs – Reducing your car insurance premium also depends on the car you buy. Insurers know that some cars are more likely to be stolen than others either because they’re more valuable or they’re an easier target for thieves. You can save money on your auto insurance premiums ahead of time by buying a car that is least likely to be stolen.  

Reduce your deductible for cheap auto insurance – If you reduce your deductible, then your insurance company isn’t obliged to pay out as much when you make a claim. Because of this, they are often willing to reduce your premiums. Remember, though, if you reduce your deductible, you should set more money aside, just in case you have an accident because your insurance company may not pay for your entire damages. This is something you need to talk to your auto insurance agent about before buying a cheap auto insurance policy. 

Shop through local auto insurance brokers – As you are probably aware, at Denver Insurance we are your local independent insurance agents who can best represent you. There are three main advantages working with a reputable local independent insurance broker like us can save you money on auto insurance.

  1. Not only can we answer all of your questions about auto insurance and other kinds of insurance products, but we can get you the best quote and comparisons because we independently shop and compare 33-different insurance companies for you. Not only do we do the price shopping for you, but often we sometimes know which insurance companies are trying to capture certain market share. Meaning that depending on who your last insurance company was, could make all of the difference in how much money you save on auto insurance.
  2. We often get you exclusive pricing that you can only get through us because insurance companies know we are a trustworthy insurance broker. we  customize the coverage for Colorado residents, allowing them to get the best insurance at the right price – no more paying excessive premiums. 
  3. We charge NO Broker Fees! We pass the savings onto you. This is all a complimentary service to you!

Take advantage of auto insurance discounts – Some insurers offer customers “low mileage discounts.” If you don’t use your vehicle much or you can think of a way of using it less, then your insurer may offer you money off your next renewal bill. Low mileage discounts usually start at around 5,000 miles per year and below. For these type of drivers Nationwide has a new SmartMiles auto insurance program that gives customers to pay as you drive insurance. If you consider yourself a really safe driver. Then you should consider a drive tracking device or app like Safeco’s RightTrack could save you 30% in Auto Insurance. These trackers plug into your car or can be downloaded onto your smartphone to measure your driving habits and provide you with a true quote based on your driving patterns. 

To learn more talk to one of our insurance agents. Our local agents are well educated on all of these great discounts and can help you find new ways to save on auto insurance, no matter your driving lifestyle. Contact Us or get a auto insurance quote and we can help you with this process.

T-lock shingles were a popular option for your roof 12+ years ago. A T-lock roof is intertwined to make a “T” shape (displayed in the picture). The shingles were designed to withstand high wind gusts. The problem is that these shingles were discontinued in the mid-2000’s. Here’s what you need to know about T-lock shingles insurance

It is tough to get proper home insurance coverage if your home has the T-lock shingle. The insurance company cannot simply replace a handful of shingles if a small portion of your roof is damaged. Most reputable insurance companies will not insure these homes and if they do, generally, it is with a higher deductible or actual cash value coverage. Actual cash value coverage means that there will be a depreciated value for your roof so you have a higher out-of-pocket obligation.

 T-Lock shingles T-Lock shingles

If you are buying a home with T-lock shingles, you might consider making the seller replace the roof as part of the closing terms. If you have a T-lock roof on your home now, check to make sure your current home insurance policy is replacement cost. You will likely want to keep that existing policy until you get a new roof. Many existing policies will have the replacement cost “grandfathered” into the policy. If you are shopping for insurance and have a T-lock roof, make sure the insurance agent and insurance company know the type of roof on your house.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about insuring T-Lock shingles or finding a reputable replacement.

Or spend 2-minutes to fill-out this quick quote homeowners insurance form

The same insurance coverage from your personal auto insurance policy will extend over to that rental car. So if you have comprehensive and collision coverage (commonly called full coverage) then your rental car will be repaired/replaced if it is damaged in your possession. You will be responsible for your deductible.

Rental car companies offer an add-on called collision damage waiver. By purchasing this waiver, any insurance claim would go through the rental car company – not your personal auto insurance. Typically, there is not a deductible if you purchase this waiver.

Of course, there are some restrictions on your personal auto insurance policy:

  • You will want to make sure that only the drivers on your personal auto policy are driving the rental car.
  • Most insurance companies have a limited number of days that you are covered to rent the car – usually it is 30 days.
  • Coverage will generally only apply in the U.S.
  • The rental car company can still choose to charge you for loss of use. Loss of use could apply if the vehicle is being repaired and they are unable to rent that vehicle out during that time period.

Each situation can be unique so please contact us with any specific questions. 

Summer is a popular time to borrow your neighbor’s truck for a home-improvement project or moving large furniture. Here is what you need to know about your auto insurance coverage when borrowing or loaning a car.

Generally, the coverage follows the vehicle instead of the driver. In most circumstances, as long as the owner of the car has insurance, it’s covered even if someone other than the owner is driving it — as long as they have the owner’s permission. The borrower’s insurance is considered secondary — it could apply if the owner’s insurance is insufficient to fully cover the damage, in the event of an accident.

There are some exceptions to what is called “permissive use” coverage. For example, permission must be given by the vehicle owner. The borrower should not give permission to another person to use the vehicle. Coverage might also be denied if the borrower operates the vehicle in a criminal manner. Business use, by the borrower, likely won’t be covered under your personal auto policy.

Ultimately, it’s usually safe to occasionally loan your car— just make sure it is for “normal” use. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Don’t want to wait until it’s too late to get answers!

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