It’s a great idea to review your insurance coverage with your insurance agent once a year. Life events happen and life changes throughout the years. The insurance agents at Denver Insurance understand that you’re busy and insurance isn’t the most exciting topic but a quick conversation can ensure that you have the correct insurance coverage. If nothing else, it’s a good refresher on your coverage.

Here are some questions to get you started on the process:

  1. What Was Updated On My Home?
    Did you add an addition or a detached garage? Did you finish your basement or remodel your kitchen? These are examples that could increase the rebuild cost of your home. You should update your insurance coverage to reflect these improvements.
  2. Has Anything Changed With My Vehicles Or Drivers?
    Do you drive a shorter distance to work? Do you work from home? Are you taking public transportation now? Did you make any expensive additions to your vehicle? Is your child now driving or has a driver moved out of the home? It’s a great idea to review your auto insurance coverage on an annual basis. A review is a good reminder of the coverage you have for windshield repair, roadside assistance and rental reimbursement.
  3. Have I Made Any Significant Purchases?
    Have you added any expensive jewelry or art? Did you inherit heirlooms or purchase a new computer? If the value of your personal possession has increased significantly, check to make sure you have sufficient coverage. For specific items, you can add special coverage, which will give you a lower deductible and coverage for broader types of losses.
  4. Is Anything New With My Family?
    Did you add a family dog? Did you get engaged? Have you introduced a bundle of joy into the world? These are all examples of what to discuss with your insurance agent.
  5. Are There Any Discounts for Which I Now Qualify?
    Adding a burglar alarm in your home can give you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. Driving less miles could improve your auto insurance premium. You should get every discount that you qualify for on your insurance. An annual conversation of recent changes in your life and around your home can help.
  6. Should I Add Or Remove Any Coverage Options?
    New coverage options might be available like new car replacement, GAP coverage, windshield replacement, guaranteed home replacement and more. Maybe can save money on your auto insurance because you have good health insurance now. Your insurance agent can advise you on what you might be missing out on.

Some other questions you might consider before your annual insurance review include:

  • Do I have an updated home inventory?
  • Would it be worth increasing your insurance deductible?
  • Do I have sufficient liability limits to protect myself from an at-fault accident?
  • Should I get a personal liability umbrella?

It’s better to review your coverage before a claim to help assess if you have any coverage gaps. Talk with Denver Insurance today to ensure you are properly covered.


Are you looking for coverage on your motorcycle? How much is Motorcycle Insurance? At Denver Insurance LLC, an insurance agent can help you with a free quote.

Denver Insurance LLC offers excellent rates through Safeco, Travelers, Progressive and other insurance carriers. Whether you have a Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda or custom built motorcycle, we can insure it! You can even insure it on a stand-alone policy, which means that you don’t have to have other insurance policies with us. This can be a benefit if this is your only vehicle or your current insurance company doesn’t offer coverage for your bike.

 Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images Photo by mihtiander/iStock / Getty Images

Our insurance agency offers customized packages for your motorcycle insurance including: roadside assistance, coverage for personal property, custom equipment and accessories, diminishing deductible and total loss replacement.

You could qualify for discounts for anti-theft, motorcycle endorsement, years of experience, multi-policy, claim free, ticket free, garaging, motorcycle safety course and good driver. You will also have access to 24/7 claims service.

Feel free to contact us or 720-446-5566 to find the best motorcycle insurance coverage for your 2 wheeled cruiser. It doesn’t matter if you live in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado. We can help!

HELPFUL 5TH WHEEL INSURANCE STRATEGY: Do you need to insure your RV, camper, travel trailer or 5th wheel for the summer? It’s a common practice for people who live in Colorado to add their camper/5th wheel insurance insurance, and then remove their 5th wheel insurance to lower their insurance coverage during the winter months of the year. Our Denver Insurance Agents can help you with this process. Here’s how we can help you with a quick 5th wheel insurance quote and policy before you hit the road this summer.

 ROAM FREE COLORADO! We Insure your Adventure. ROAM FREE COLORADO! We Insure your Adventure.

Part of living in Colorado is being able to roam around and explore the expansive outdoor playground that makes up our Rocky Mountains. We are the local Colorado insurance company here to help you do that safely and with peace of mind. Denver Insurance LLC has excellent rates through Safeco, Travelers, Progressive and other insurance companies. We can insure your recreational vehicle as a stand-alone policy, which means that you don’t have to move all of your other insurance. This can be a benefit if you are in a time crunch or your current insurance company doesn’t offer coverage for your trailer hitch toys.

“Insure your Adventure with Denver Insurance!”

Our RV and 5th wheel insurance company offers customized packages for your motorhome including: roadside assistance, coverage for personal property, custom equipment, diminishing deductible, vacation liability and pet injury coverage. You can insure your motorhome for full total loss replacement, stated value, agreed value or market value.

You could also qualify for discounts for anti-theft, driver’s education, experience, multi-policy, claim free and good driver. You will also have access to 24/7 claims service.

This is all so you can explore Colorado freely without having to worry about loss if something were to happen. We are the independent and flexible insurance broker built for your Colorado lifestyle so you can explore our wonderful state.

When Colorado’s old man winter comes around we can help you plan for the snowy season as your priorities shift to ski season! Yeah we are ready for whatever Colorado has to offer.

Feel free to contact us or 720-446-5566 to find the best insurance coverage for your home on wheels. It doesn’t matter if you live in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado.

We can help you explore the great outdoors that Colorado has to offer! Get a free RV or 5th Wheel Insurance Quote by simply filling out the quick quote form below.

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Your homeowner’s insurance will provide a limited amount of jewelry coverage (jewelry insurance) in the event of a theft. Your $6,000 engagement ring could be covered for a value as low as $1,000 on your home policy.

The amount of jewelry insurance coverage will be listed on your actual home insurance policy booklet under Personal Property > Limits of Liability. Make sure you let your insurance agent know if you have valuable rings, earrings, watches, necklaces or bracelets.

Denver Insurance LLC generally recommends insuring your jewelry on a separate policy from your homeowner’s insurance. A Personal Articles Policy will insure your valuables for everything from theft to fire with a $0 deductible.

Most theft claims involve jewelry. Theft claims can be a ‘red flag’ on your homeowner’s insurance. Reasons to insure your jewelry on a Personal Articles Policy include:

  • A lower deductible
  • Keep your claim-free discount on your homeowner’s insurance
  • Coverage for more types of incidents
  • Filing a claim on your home insurance can increase your rate or lead to cancellation

Please contact Denver Insurance LLC with any questions. We are happy to review your current policy even if you are insured elsewhere.

We admit it: As insurance professional, our picture of winter isn’t exactly cozy. Winter storms, in Colorado, mean icy roads and increased risks to your home. Cars sliding around like hockey pucks lead to dangerous accidents. Cold temperatures can cause pipes to burst, frost swells and other damage. Heating your home with fireplaces and space heaters can increase the risk of fire.

A picture-perfect winter requires a few precautions

Here are a few of tips to help reduce weather-related hassles this winter.

Winter-proof your vehicle with good snow tires or chains, new wiper blades, antifreeze, and emergency road supplies.

Keep your attic cool to help prevent ice dams. Insulate the attic floor and make sure it is well-ventilated.

When winter storms hit, be smart

If you do not have to drive, stay put. If you must drive, make sure you’ve winterized your auto and have a full tank of gas.

When the air is cold, keep bath and kitchen cabinet doors open so warm air can circulate around pipes. If pipes do freeze, let them thaw normally—they’ll be less likely to burst.

And if the power is out, make sure you avoid leaving candles or fires burning unattended. If you use a portable generator, follow the instructions and do not use it indoors.

Know what your insurance covers

We want to help you rest easy.  You will be more relaxed when you know you have prepared your property to lessen the chance of winter storm damage. Your home and car insurance policy covers repair or rebuilding costs. However, your deductible does apply. Check your policy to see what is covered and to confirm the deductible you have chosen.

If you have any questions about your coverage, call Denver Insurance LLC at 720-446-5566 and we will gladly review your options. Click below to start a free insurance quote for your home or auto insurance.

There are numerous factors that go into your auto insurance rate. Maybe you just experienced an increase in your auto insurance premium or feel that you’re paying too much for car insurance. Here are 3 factors that will help you find cheap auto insurance and teach you how to save money on your auto insurance:

Maintain good credit to save on auto insurance – credit is a factor with nearly every auto insurance company because they have found that people with good credit file less claims. Therefore, people who have excellent credit scores tend to get charged lower premiums. Why? If you pay monthly, most insurance companies credit you the insurance up front for the year and then ask you to pay them back in monthly, interest-bearing installments. And, as you know, anything that bears interest is a loan. Your credit score is an indication of your overall likelihood of paying back the loan, so insurance companies take this into account when you apply for auto insutance. In short, If your credit score is good, they will consider you to be low risk, and the interest on your premiums will go down. If your score is weak, you’ll pay more. 

This brings us to the 2nd point…

Don’t let your insurance lapse – because insurance is required by the State of Colorado, you are penalized if there is a gap in coverage. The longer the gap, the greater the penalty. Make sure you maintain continuous insurance to give yourself the best insurance rate.

Bundle your insuranceOne of the ways to save on auto insurance is to bundle your insurance with other types of insurance that you may have taken out with the same will likely get a discount on your auto insurance if you combine all of your insurance policies. Even if you only have renters or life insurance, see if your insurance agent will give you a multi-line discount on your car insurance.  Insurers want to capture as much business as possible, and if they can get you to sign up for multiple products (that you actually want and need), they’re often willing to provide you with substantial discounts on individual premiums. 

Choose a car with low insurance costs – Reducing your car insurance premium also depends on the car you buy. Insurers know that some cars are more likely to be stolen than others either because they’re more valuable or they’re an easier target for thieves. You can save money on your auto insurance premiums ahead of time by buying a car that is least likely to be stolen.  

Reduce your deductible for cheap auto insurance – If you reduce your deductible, then your insurance company isn’t obliged to pay out as much when you make a claim. Because of this, they are often willing to reduce your premiums. Remember, though, if you reduce your deductible, you should set more money aside, just in case you have an accident because your insurance company may not pay for your entire damages. This is something you need to talk to your auto insurance agent about before buying a cheap auto insurance policy. 

Shop through local auto insurance brokers – As you are probably aware, at Denver Insurance we are your local independent insurance agents who can best represent you. There are three main advantages working with a reputable local independent insurance broker like us can save you money on auto insurance.

  1. Not only can we answer all of your questions about auto insurance and other kinds of insurance products, but we can get you the best quote and comparisons because we independently shop and compare 33-different insurance companies for you. Not only do we do the price shopping for you, but often we sometimes know which insurance companies are trying to capture certain market share. Meaning that depending on who your last insurance company was, could make all of the difference in how much money you save on auto insurance.
  2. We often get you exclusive pricing that you can only get through us because insurance companies know we are a trustworthy insurance broker. we  customize the coverage for Colorado residents, allowing them to get the best insurance at the right price – no more paying excessive premiums. 
  3. We charge NO Broker Fees! We pass the savings onto you. This is all a complimentary service to you!

Take advantage of auto insurance discounts – Some insurers offer customers “low mileage discounts.” If you don’t use your vehicle much or you can think of a way of using it less, then your insurer may offer you money off your next renewal bill. Low mileage discounts usually start at around 5,000 miles per year and below. For these type of drivers Nationwide has a new SmartMiles auto insurance program that gives customers to pay as you drive insurance. If you consider yourself a really safe driver. Then you should consider a drive tracking device or app like Safeco’s RightTrack could save you 30% in Auto Insurance. These trackers plug into your car or can be downloaded onto your smartphone to measure your driving habits and provide you with a true quote based on your driving patterns. 

To learn more talk to one of our insurance agents. Our local agents are well educated on all of these great discounts and can help you find new ways to save on auto insurance, no matter your driving lifestyle. Contact Us or get a auto insurance quote and we can help you with this process.